Northland Fishing Tackle Baitfish-Image Walleye Spinner – Gold Perch


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The detail on the Northland Fishing Tackle Baitfish-Image™ Walleye Spinner will excite both you and any walleye in the area. Holographic eyes, gills, and scales give this flashy single-hook spinner rig a lifelike look, while the Indiana blade and beads produce strike-triggering sound and vibration. A red Lip-Stick® Needle-Point hook adds even more visual enticement to the presentation. Pro tournament-class construction includes a 60"L snelled Bionic® monofilament leader and burr-free folded clevis. Ideal for working a minnow or leech behind a bouncer or inline weight. Holographic eyes, gills and scales for exciting realism Flashy design plus fish-calling sound and vibration Enticing red Lip-Stick octopus hook 60"L snelled Bionic mono leader