Fishing Knots


Well tied fishing knots can make the difference between landing a feisty walleye or losing your bait or lure ($$). I don’t have the head for remembering all the knots you can employ to ensure a good connection, but here a few of the tried and true.

Wet your line with water or saliva before you draw it tight. Tying it dry roughs up the line and weakens the knot.
Tighten your knot with a nice smooth, steady pull. Hesitations or twitches tend to foul up the knot and cause it to fail at the worst possible moment.

After you’ve pulled the knot tight, give it a couple of strong tugs to test it. If it breaks, back to the drawing board.

The Palomar knot is likely the most popular among fishermen. It is extremely strong, works with fluoro, mono and braided line, and is easy to master.

If you’re crazy for all things knots, take a look at Netknots extensive library.