JB Lures Tru Gold Floating Spinner Rig


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When you need both flash and lift, run a JB Lures Tru Gold Floating Spinner Rig behind your bouncer weight. Nothing reflects ambient light like a Tru Gold 24k Plated Blade, a fact that top fishermen know and walleye can't help but respond to. This rig's Tru Gold Indiana blade produces superior flash and visibility even in murky water, attracting fish to your bait when other blades can't, and the colorful inline float adds buoyancy to help keep your bait out of the rough. Pre-tied on a 48" leader of 12-lb. test TrikFish Camo line; single red octopus hook. Tru Gold 24k Plated Blade Superior flash and visibility Especially effective in murky water Buoyant inline float 48"L, 12-lb. TrikFish Camo leader Single red octopus hook