Livingston Lures EBS Spinner 100 – Hot Pink


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See me, feel me—and now hear me. The Livingston Lures EBS™ Spinner 100 is an innovative bucktail inline spinner that calls out to fish in 3 ways: with the exceptional flash of its freely rotating spinner blade, with a resounding blade thump that predators can pick up with their lateral line, and with advanced Electronic Baitfish Sound Technology in the form of a water-activated EBS sound capsule that emits the continuous sounds of real baitfish. Even wary fish are more likely to react to the onslaught of stimuli! 1-oz. spinner with single French-style blade; VMC treble dressed with premium bucktail. Great for bass, walleye, pike, muskies, and salmonids. Bucktail spinner with advanced EBS Technology Water-activated capsule emits real baitfish sound Rotating blade delivers exceptional flash Excellent thump and vibration Deadly for even the wariest predators Single French-style blade VMC treble dressed with premium bucktail Great for bass, pike, muskies, and more