VMC Hammer Head Jighead Kit – 3/8 oz.


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It's hammerin' time! The VMC® Hammer Head Jighead Kit gives you 10 hot jigs for one low price! This is a live bait fisherman's dream walleye jig, made for any water, any depth, and any light condition. Built on a premium VMC short-shank, black-nickel Power Gap™ hook made of high-carbon steel, this perfectly balanced jig features a meaty, weight-forward design that keeps the hook riding up and away from bottom debris. Large 3-D holographic eyes make a tempting target for hungry predators. Includes a second line attachment for rigging with a trailer hook (not included). Assorted premium live bait jigs for walleye and other predators Meaty, weight-forward design Perfectly balanced to keep hook riding up Great visibility in all water conditions Large 3-D holographic eyes Second line tie for trailer hook rig (not included)