Kayak Fishing 2nd-Edition Book by Cory Routh


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In the Kayak Fishing 2nd-Edition Book by Cory Routh, you'll learn everything from the basics of choosing your kayak to the techniques of fishing various waters so you can enjoy both safety and success on the water! Full-color photographs bring the instructions to life. Essential safety tips like choosing PFDs and paddles, learning basic kayak safety and self-rescue tips, and understanding tides and currents ensure you'll have the knowledge necessary to make smart choices on your next kayak adventure. Routh covers basic paddle strokes to maximize your efficiency as well as basic and advanced kayak rigging. A section that covers transporting your kayak provides a wealth of helpful tips to ensure you make it to your destination ready to catch the big one! Finally, the Kayak Fishing 2nd-Edition Book delves into tips and tricks on stealthy maneuvering, fighting and landing fish from a kayak, and the different techniques for fishing freshwater and saltwater, as well as fly-fishing, and fishing unfamiliar waters. Routh has entires sections devoted to instructor and guide listings as well as websites and organizations where anglers can gather more resources. If you're thinking about giving kayak fishing a try, you'd do well to pour over the pages of Cory Routh's Kayak Fishing 2nd-Edition Book! 160 pages. Learn the basics and beyond of kayak fishing Full-color photographs Includes safety tips Tips for selecting the right kayak Covers kayak handling and transportation Techniques for fishing freshwater and saltwater Fly-fishing tips and helpful information for fishing unfamiliar waters Includes extra resources like instructors, guides, and organizations