Frabill Ice Shelter Light Bar


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Illuminate every hole, and every corner, of your ice shelter with the Frabill Ice Shelter Light Bar. This compact, all-in-one multi-light system contains 4 separate fully directional light pods, each of which can be individually adjusted to cover a given area at any time. Extremely easy to use, it attaches easily to any shelter frame, and stays securely in place during setup and takedown. The Frabill Ice Shelter Light Bar has a low-profile design that puts out 18 lumens of light from each pod – 72 lumens total, more than enough to illuminate your ice house's interior. Its sturdy impact-resistant housing features a beveled back to ensure a snug frame fit, with a hook 'n' loop fastener for quick attachment or removal. Uses 6 AA batteries (not included). Easy, dependable way to illuminate your ice shack All-in-one multi-light system 4 separate fully directional light pods Each pod is individually adjustable Attaches snugly and securely to any shelter frame Removal not needed during setup and takedown 18 lumens of light per pod/72 lumens total Impact-resistant, frame-fitting housing Easy hook 'n' loop fastening