Field & Stream The Total Deer Hunter Manual by Scott Bestul and Dave Hurteau


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Whether you spend all year planning your ultimate whitetail season or just enjoy a few hunting trips with buddies, Field & Stream's "The Total Deer Hunter Manual" by Scott Bestul and Dave Hurteau has everything the modern hunter needs to know. Filled with advice and exercises for bow hunters, rifle-shooters, shotgun and muzzleloader hunters, this book will help you get the buck of your dreams. Discover hundreds of field-tested tips from the Field & Stream deer-hunting experts and decades of experience from America's best hunting guides. "The Total Deer Hunter Manual" also helps you prepare in off-season, including plotting hunting ground, planting the food deer love, and upgrading your equipment. 256 pages. Paperback. ISBN-13: 9781616286088. For bow, rifle, shotgun, and muzzleloader hunters Field-tested tips from deer-hunting experts Shooting advice from range to woods Exercises to sharpen your skills How to prepare in off-season Tracking tips from research and historical wisdom