The Sportsman Bible Christian Standard Compact Edition Book


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Blend your love of the outdoors with your love of Jesus Christ with The Sportsman Bible Christian Standard Compact Edition Book. Featuring a durable Mothwing camo cover with special field insights and devotionals for sportsmen, this bible features non-reflective page edges and Smyth-sewn binding for improved durability. Written in 8-point type, this bible is easy to read, and features red text for the words of Christ, while end-of-paragraph cross-references make it easy to find related passages for easy reading. ISBN: 9781433651700. Durable Mothwing camouflage cover Non-reflective paged edges Special field insights and devotions for sportsmen Smyth-sewn binding Presentation page End-of-paragraph cross-references Two-column text Topical subheadings Words of Christ in red 8-point type