Smoking Food The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide Cookbook by Chris Dubbs and Dave Heberle


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Discover the art of smoking with Smoking Food The Ultimate Beginner's Guide Cookbook by Chris Dubbs and Dave Heberle. The authors explain the essentials, like how to choose the best fuel, how to build smokers, and how to smoke practically everything. There are also low-sodium preparations, alternatives to preservatives like sodium nitrite, and safety tips when handling meat. Recipes include slow-smoked salmon, hot-smoked shrimp, pastrami, country-style bacon, wine-marinated rabbit, fire can turkey, summer sausage, smoked cheese, smoked nuts, jerky, chowders, stuffing, vegetables, and more!ISBN: 9781510745322. Learn how to smoke delicious food Get tips and tricks like how to choose the best fuel and more Find low-sodium preparations, alternatives to common preservatives, and safety tips Over 100 delicious recipes