Panther Martin HolyStrike Spinner – 1/16 oz. – Chartreuse Silver


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While the fish would say that using the Panther Martin HolyStrike™ Spinner simply isn't fair, it's a great idea for the angler who wants to catch more fish. The addition of brilliant holographic blades and body sparkles to the built-in flash and sonic vibration of the classic inline spinner creates a striking combination that fish can't seem to resist. The HolyStrike Spinner shimmers and shines like no other lure as it swims, attracting opportunistic predators like bass, trout, walleye, and pike from a wide area. Great for hungry panfish, too! Unmatched for clear water, especially on sunny days. The original inline spinner Classic flash and sonic vibration Fitted with brilliant holographic blades Shimmers and shines as it swims Great for all game fish and panfish Super choice for clear water and high sun