Northland Fishing Tackle UV Whistler Jig – 1/8 oz. – UV Firetiger


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A long-time favorite for walleyes gets more fish-attracting bling! This version of the classic, the Northland Fishing Tackle UV Whistler® Jig, features a brilliant UV-coated paint design that's proven to pull fish in from a distance. Meanwhile, this walleye jig uses an innovative propeller spinner blade that flashes and creates continuous sonic vibrations as it moves through the water, coaxing fish to come looking for a meal. The vibration creates an underwater "whistling" sound when retrieved, a quality that's especially useful in murky rivers or reservoirs when sound and flash are pivotal to getting fish to bite. The Northland Fishing Tackle UV Whistler Jig boasts a razor-sharp hook that can be tipped with live bait or a plastic grub. Classic walleye getter with extra bling Brilliant UV-coated paint adds long-distance appeal Flashy propeller blade creates continuous vibration Makes a "whistling" sound with every movement Essential for dark or murky water Razor-sharp hook Best tipped with bait or plastic