Mustad UltraPoint Slow Death Hook – Red – 10 Pack – #2


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Mustad's revolutionary UltraPoint Slow Death Walleye Hooks feature a special kinked shank which generates a truly effective corkscrew presentation. The Slow Death Walleye Hooks are designed for what walleye pros call the Slow Death technique where a bottom bouncer weight is added to a main line with a medium length monofilament leader rigged with a live night crawler. This versatile technique combines the attractiveness of live bait with an irresistible action that allows you to present the live bait in places fast blades skip over. Opti-Angle needle point Special kinked shank Ringed eye Tip: Thread half a night crawler up the shank of a Slow Death Walleye Hook with 1/4'' to 1/2'' hanging off the hook.