Mack’s Lure Wedding Ring Pro Spinner – 10-lb.Test – Silver Sparkle/Fluorescent Orange


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Even on a tough bite, the Mack's Lure® Wedding Ring® Pro Spinner is renowned for its ability to take more than its share of kokanee, walleye, and many other species. The key to its success lies in the stealth and simplicity of its design, which combines the quiet, whirring flash of a Mack's Smile Blade®, lightweight plastic multi-beads that simulate an edible body profile, and the flashy bejeweled "wedding ring" insert in the middle, all strung on small-diameter monofilament. Single octopus hook for adding bait; 48"L leader. Long-time favorite for walleye and kokanee Super-stealthy, simple design Deadly Mack's Smile Blade Lightweight plastic multi-beads Bright, eye-catching "wedding ring" body insert 48"L mono leader with single hook