Mack’s Lure Double Whammy Walleye Series Spinner Rig – 1.5″ – Motor Oil/Chartreuse Black


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The Mack's Lure® Smile Blade® Slow Death™ Spinner Rig represents a deadly combination of the popular Slow Death hook and tournament-proven Smile Blade, and is absolutely deadly on walleye. Its hook has an offset bend that causes the bait to rotate with a bite-enticing corkscrew action. The whisper-smooth Smile Blade spins at just a breath of movement, adding a bit of extra wiggle as the harness hums through the water. The ability to fish this rig ever so slowly without inhibiting its action encourages even lethargic fish to latch on. Great for slow fishing when walleyes are lethargic Combines Slow Death hook with proven Smile Blade Offset hook bend gives bait-enticing corkscrew action