G.Loomis IMX-PRO Ice Spinning Rod – 12876-01


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Superior attention to detail is what makes the ultimate ice rod. The G.Loomis® IMX-PRO Ice Spinning Rod is the stick all avid ice-fishing anglers hope to hold in their hands someday, as all of the bases that govern performance are covered in impressive fashion. The IMX-PRO multi-taper blank construction mirrors that of G.Loomis' acclaimed freshwater rods, and comes in 2 styles, both of which offer superb feel and handling. For jigging up walleye, lake trout, and pike, the Fast Action version is made of Tubular IMX-PRO material – light and sensitive, yet extra-strong and forgiving. The Extra-Fast Action styles feature solid IMX-PRO blanks with super-fast tapers that enhance bite detection and hooksetting when targeting reluctant panfish or trout. All models are fitted with a Hybrid Guide System that includes ultra-lightweight, single-foot REC Recoil guides and a durable solid stainless steel tip. Cork handles and a handy hook keeper round out this exceptional rod design from one of the top names in precision fishing. Top-quality ice rods IMX-PRO multi-taper blank construction Available in 2 construction styles Tubular Fast Action version for larger game fish Solid Extra-Fast Action models for panfish or trout Hybrid Guide System with durable solid stainless steel tip Ultra-lightweight, single-foot REC Recoil guides Cork handles plus hook keeper