Cousin Rick’s Game and Fish Cookbook by Rick Black


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Rick Black has spent a lifetime gathering wild-game recipes and his favorites are compiled here in the Cousin Rick's Game and Fish Cookbook! This cookbook features 250 recipes for deer, elk, moose, bear, trout, salmon, panfish, and more. Since wild game flavor starts as soon as you've pulled the trigger or stowed the net, there are tips for field dressing and preparing game long before it reaches your kitchen! Using a smattering of humor, Cousin Rick's Game and Fish Cookbook by Rick Black will have you smiling as you learn how to cook your new favorite meals! Includes chapters on rubs and marinades, cooking with beer, and cooking for large gatherings.ISBN: 9780811738248. 250 recipes for small game, big game, waterfowl, and fish Includes tips on field dressing and field preparation Dedicated chapter on rubs and marinades Tips for cooking with beer and cooking for crowds