Cabela’s Fisherman Series Foil Escent Walleye Spinner – Gold Foil


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More flash for your cash! Cabela's® Fisherman Series™ Foil Escent Walleye Spinner has a light-catching, holographic pattern that creates the illusion of reflective whorls and ridges for above-average flash, while maintaining a smooth surface for clean, even rotation at all trolling speeds. 2-hook worm harness is perfectly spaced for natural presentation with solid hook-ups. Includes a reusable super snell holder for tangle-free storage in your tackle box. Tied on 15-lb. mono; size 3 Indiana blade. 2-pack. Made in USA. High-flash 2-pack at a great price Light-catching holographic pattern Clean, even rotation at any speed 2-hook worm harness with size 3 Indiana blade Reusable holder